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Contemporary Cowboy is an ongoing investigation of “the west” and our interactions with it, exploring a new narrative with each location of the exhibition.
Authentic values exist for the Contemporary Cowboy but they are often confused with trophies of unearned authority. The once precious items have
become tropes of a misunderstood history. Chaps, guns, bone, and hats once used as invaluable tools for stewards of the land become associated with
dominion, power and sex. The Contemporary Cowboy using preconceived notions of the traditional cowboy forges his or her own way, not unlike the
fantasy of the maverick cowboy. This idea of a pure bread cowboy no longer exists, however the hybrid must not be feared. Whether we understand
our home, our history or its symbols the Contemporary Cowboy will use the items in his or her own way, deliberately changing within the context of the
viewer and location shown.

Contemporary Cowboy is a collaboration by Karly Mortimer & Jeremy Pavka

Installation, Ash, Acrylic, OSB, Chrome Nails, Smooth Cast, Stampede Centennial Cowboy Hat, Vinyl, Linen, Aluminum, Chrome Truck Nuts. 2013

Contemporary Cowboy #1-#4
39''x50'', Archival Inkjet. 2012


Yankee Cowboy Extra Loud
39''x50'', Archival Inkjet. 2012